Developing CFRTP with Ultrasonic


On this page, we will show you how CFRTP development changes when utilizing an advanced ultrasonic technology through adwelds work

adwelds’ CFRTP related work

adwelds is actively working on the advanced usage of ultrasonic for each manufacturing processes from raw materials to finished products of CFRTP

  • We use ultrasonic for leveling/impregnating UD tapes and miniaturize the UD manufacturing machines
  • We realize a strong rigidity UD tape lay-out by using ultrasonic
  • Our unique process actualize continuous CFRTP bonding which was hard to achieve previously

1.Ultrasonic Leveling/Impregnation

We contribute to carbon fiber industry with our advanced ultrasonic technology

  • Our original ultrasonic head controller levels carbon fibers uniformly without putting any damage
  • Ultrasonic vibration controls making voids and smoothly impregnates a high adherent thermal plastic resin
Ultrasonic Leveling/Impregnation

  • As you can see, carbon fibers diffuse uniformly without making any voids or matrix resin residue
Ultrasonic Leveling/Impregnation
2.Using chopped UD tapes

A compact sized machine allows you to produce chopped UD tapes, which are raw materials for CFRTP products, at hand in your factory

  • A remarkable compact sized machine, which is about 2 to 3 meters long, so you can place it at a pressing site. It allows developing CFRTP products fast.
Using chopped UD tapes
3.UD Tape Lay-out

Ultrasonic processing allows creating a UD tape lay-out that improves the rigidity of formed products

  • The machine continuously bonds the UD tape on a resin coated substrate
  • ●Advanced ultrasonic leveling/impregnation technology lets you lay-out a tape in any way you like by forming the UD tape as shown in the picture
UD Tape Lay-out
  • This is a sample of placing a Nylon 6 UD tape on a Nylon 6 substrate, a continuous bonding with high rigidity
UD Tape Lay-out
4.CFRTP Ultrasonic Bonding

We developed a continuous ultrasonic bonding technology in order to deal with complicated CFRTP components

  • Ultrasonic welding makes it possible to weld some components which are difficult to bond merely by forming
  • Conventionally, it was nearly impossible to bond continuously, but our ultrasonic technology allows smooth continuous bonding
  • This sample shows the pulling rigidity of 50MPa
    CFRTP bonding (from the front) CFRTP bonding (from the side)
CFRTP Ultrasonic Bonding